The Game...

Yes, this is a real game that you can physically hold in your hand.

Where to buy...

Trips to Tales Travel Game is currently available to purchase through our website.


Trips to Tales Travel Game is high quality, weighing approximately 600g, which is why the shipping is a little more expensive.

North American orders of 4 or more games qualifies for free regular shipping. Does not apply to wholesale orders.

Haven't travelled much...

No problem! Only 1/3 of the game asks question from your past travels and you are welcome to share answers from your own backyard. The other 2/3 of the game has you dreaming and competing. If you come up with a place, site or activity that you do not know about we encourage you to look it up online and share it as a group. You may just find your next holiday!

Children... why the 12+ rating?

It can be quite a special experience for parents to play Trips to Tales with their children! We have the 12+ rating as we would not recommend purchasing Trips to Tales for children to play with other children as they would have more fun playing with their parents or other adults.
There is nothing inappropriate in the content.

Want more of a challenge?

As Trips to Tales is all about sparking memories, connections and conversations currently the cards asking the READER to 'share' an experience, memory or other offers a dollar value for simply answering the question. If you would like to add more competition in the game you could create a jury out of the OTHER PLAYERS to decipher whether the READER will receive the points offered on the card based on how they answer the question.