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Who knew that a world health crisis, which had these two travel advisors scrambling to locate clients around the world before flights were grounded, borders would close, the travel industry would come to a complete standstill, would be the start of the hilarious Trips to Tales Travel Game. 

With over 22 combined years in the travel industry we know that travel creates memories, dreams, excitement, challenges and stories for years to come. Well, we want to hear those stories, so we created a game all about them! 



FAVORITE MEMORY: Unexpectedly discovering Hore Abbey in Southern Ireland. My girlfriend and I caught a glimpse of the ruins when visiting the Rock of Cashel and we just had to get closer. 15mins walk through tall grass we made it to the ruins and we were the only ones there. The history, the energy, I felt like I had been there before and just couldn't get enough of this site. (See picture in rotation)

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FAVORITE MEMORY: While on our second day on safari in Tanzania we were driving through the Serengeti when we saw a herd of elephants. As we drove up it became apparent that there were baby elephants peering out of their mother's legs. I will never forget seeing the elephants in the wild like that. There were tears of joy in my eyes. 

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Kathryn in Hawaii
Rhonda scootering in Tampa.
Kathryn at Hore Abbey looking back at the Rock of Cashel, Southern Ireland
Rhonda enjoying the wildlife.
Kathryn enjoying the scent at a lemon grove.
Rhonda at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania
Kathryn enjoying a Turkish feast in a local's home.
Rhonda happy in the Cayman Islands.
Kathryn hangin' with Pluto.
Rhonda dancing the night away.
Kathryn walking through history.
Rhonda ATVing
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