Do you love to travel? To talk travel? To remember your past travels? Do you want to travel? 

As travel professionals we create memories, stories, emotions and experiences so we packaged these into a game just for YOU. 

Let Trips to Tales Travel Game help stir your dreams, memories, OMG moments, silly moments, "I can't believe..." moments, while connecting you with your friends and family. 

Adults 12+ (Children can play with adults)

2-6 Players

Run Time 60-120 minutes


What They’re Saying...


"Bumpy camel sprints and dirty hotel room floors caught the room in fits of laughter. Contagious family fun. Can't wait to try with friends."

-Brother/Sister Josh & Noa

No two games will ever be the same!


For the love of travel, made by travel advisors!


Memories, dreams and laughter packaged together into one game!